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Jejak Si Gundul is a tv program on Trans 7, which tells of the journey of a young boy whowandered and wandered in the country. Take a trip with a truck ride, go fishing boat, or walk, enjoy and feel how to survive in the wild. The program aired for 30 minutes every Saturday at 3:30 pm.

In this episode Si Gundul will survive in the Mt Baung, East Java. There he worked to exploit of everyday life.

someone who first encountered Si Gundul in Mount Baung is Mr. Satimin, he taught gundul looking for honey in the forest.

are not forgotten by gundul is when dozens of bees stung his face. This happens when gundul help Mr. Satimin move the nests of wild bees to the side of the house.

Beehive sought by following the path of bees flying among the trees. When you have found, the branch where the nest is the queen bee, taken with carefully. Interestingly, in doing this work Mr. Satimin not use the big smoke as other honey seekers. Just a little smoke from a cigarette as his patron.

Gundul helped bring this beehive. Holding the twigs carefully, so that bees are not disturbedand attacked. Along the way gundul withstand stiff, rigid with tension and hold amused by the movements of a bee in his hand.

So jejak si gundul is perfect watched by children because it can teach them to care for nature

Jejak si gundul is a good tv shows because it can teach us that nature is beneficial ifwe keep it and use it is not excessive. Jejak si gundul also teaches us to be friendswith nature.

But when moving bees into the cage, a group of bees fell, and stung the face Gundul.

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